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Donna’s photography endeavors began after landing a darkroom job as a lab rat in a small commercial studio in New Jersey. Having never taken a photograph in her life, at work she got her hands on large format view cameras, and has never looked back. Her broad commercial printmaking honed the skills she employs in her own fine art photographic endeavors, having experience in all film formats from 8x10 mm to 8x10 inches, and now digital. As always, she continues printing her own images.

A ten-year sabbatical from photography, during which time she worked in the music recording industry in San Francisco, helped broaden her perceptions of balance, values, arrangements and other aspects both common and unique to various other aesthetic processes (not to mention life in general). These influences expanded her new photography beyond black-and-white street shots and humanistic subject matter (which is still close to her heart) to color abstracts. She’s often told, “Your work is all over the map.”  Yes, because she’s always been interested in everything, and photography suits her because there are no creative limits, and an infinite array of expressive techniques to bend. This Web site illustrates the many zones on her map as she travels through this life.

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